Training Department Toolkit

Tools for more accurate startups when staff is at its most limited.

It has been seen repeatedly. Starting a new mine or even stepping up to invest in a training department comes with very common problems. Having a person on staff or even finding one through outsourcing efforts is time-consuming and a gamble. Most candidates don’t come with a suite of necessary tools or even the experience and skills to create the needed tools. This service provided by JSR is, yet another service identified as a crucial need and gap not regularly supported by many. Please take the time to review this service as it is unique and dynamic and custom-tailored to your needs.


Standard Operating procedures that match the task and machine type.

Training materials lecture.

Training materials Computer based.

Simulator integration (if optioned)

Assessments and Retention tools for a class environment.

Assessments for the field.

On the On-the-job training materials.

Training documentation package for accurate reporting.

Learning management system for tracking.

Task Observation forms.

Refresher materials for follow-up training efforts.

KPI's relevant to the training dept.


Machine application training for the training staff.

Startup coaching and mentoring from a seasoned mine trainer.

Site Evaluation, Machine Health audits

Production analysis