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From consulting and strategy development to implementation and support, our comprehensive services can help your business thrive.

Creating Value in All Phases of the Mining Industry

Building teams of great people and providing those teams with the tools needed for achieving and believing every day is an opportunity or success,

High-Performance Operator Training Curricula for Mining

Blended learning utilizes multiple media to deliver learning best suited to the needs of adults. The Gold series of our products is task-driven for optimal retention value. Much like our Productive Minesite program the return on investment far out ways the cost of the program.

RE Limited Innovation and Excellence

Tailored Solutions to meet the needs of your company and operations.

Productive Minesite and Machine Application

Onsite instructional program to educate Frontline Leadership in machine application to achieve safe production goals.

Silver and Gold Series

Products for Construction and Mining. Blended Learning that is affordable and value-driven for safety and effectiveness.

Solutions for clean effective documents at your fingertips

Imagine all of your work orders, inspections and meeting details in your hands in the field. Documents that feed automatically back to the office.

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