Quality, not quantity

JSR began working with mining and construction equipment in 1987. Production leadership, mentoring, training, and educational development for machine application and operational success. JSR has developed many tools and has a history of success and experience helping clients in manufacturing, and mining, including contract companies achieve their goals, working towards company health.

Our philosophy throughout any project or client is captured in 3 parts, the health of people, the health of equipment, and ultimately health of the company in that order. There will be no healthy company, supplier, or end-user without the first two components.

JSR and all affiliates have experience worldwide and have a passion for providing long-term skills for citizens of developing nations.

We are a multifunctional supplier to the heavy machinery environment whether it is construction or mining. We have blended learning tools for almost all surface training needs utilizing systems of in-person presenting and computer-based presenting with retention measuring tools guiding success along the way.

Unique in approach, we also know the end user must be educated, we have experience in front-line leadership, understanding the application and use of the machines to ensure they are used most productively. There will be no healthy company if the production ecosystem is contaminated with inefficiencies.