Productive Mine site and Machine Application

Growing your Production Leaders

Around the world it does not matter if you have a 20-man surface mining operation or a 4000-man operation, the most key responsibility of a mining company is to train, scratch that, EDUCATE its employees, and for the most part companies do a decent job.

Here is the kicker the best of the best companies do not even consider training their new production supervisors, new lead people, or even the young engineers. Sure, we send them in front of Human Resources and tell them how to deal with people or what not to say to the workforce and how to make the workforce healthy and safe but what about that 100-million-dollar investment in equipment and the 50,000 ounces of gold in the ground that’s going to cost us $1100 dollars an ounce to retrieve at $1250 an ounce to sell.

We deplete our profit by not educating our front-end leaders and planners in the basics.

Tailored to each mine site and its particular equipment the attendees attend a theory class that takes one full day. Modules Include

Module One Introduction to Productive Mining and the Productive Ecosystem Knowledge Retention Exercise Module Two Production Machines: Wheel Loaders, Shovels, Mass Excavator, Haulage Trucks, Productive Dozing in Trap Feed and Reclamation Knowledge Retention Exercise Module Three Road and Haul Management Knowledge and Retention Exercise

Followed up by the field session this will take the students to the field Identifying production losses and devising a remediation plan to the production discrepancy.

Intended Audience Supervisors Relief supervisors Up and coming supervisors General Forman Engineers Short term planners Mine Trainers

Ideology Production is not achieved by the effective loading units alone. It all starts with effective mine led by knowledgeable supervision. The truck or haulage tools must be effective and efficient. Then and only then the loading tool can begin to be as productive as it was intended to be.

The mindset of priority for efficient projects. 1. Health Of People 2. Health Of Equipment 3. Health of the mine

Without healthy people the equipment will not run.

Without healthy equipment there will be nothing for the people to operate.

Without 1 and 2 there will not be a healthy profitable mine.

This program has to be customized for each mine depending on the types of machines utilized. Set a consultation for pricing and availability.

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